XXS Bricolage Jan Wind , Daniel Vedder, Adriano Hellbusch

XXS Bricolage requires no less than a keen eye on the urban space. The goal of this work is to bring the secular architecture into the architectural discourse. Compared to topics like migration, housing shortages and major construction projects, less attention is paid to small-scale architecture in a contemporary professional discussion.

It is important to say that it‘s historical ,sociocultural and the site layout play a significant role in the urban space. Which specific qualities does a kiosk beneath a metro-station has? How can a modified barger influence an urban riverscape? Those and other questions will be analyzed in this work. As a methodological starting point of this thesis will be the observation, collection and mapping of certain situations. The matter of visualization through icons is to emphasis its obscure architecture. Transformed into solitaires, presented in their particularity they form a new foundation of urban space. A theoretical confrontation of Berlins development, as a examined area, and the topic of Bricolage will be followed by a catalog of collected objects. The obtained knowledge will be deepened by portraying and analyzing a choice of projects in the exhibition to this work.

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