Equilido – 4 in 1 Camillo Mingaia, Mirko Wieneke

Since its reopening in 2006, Lido became Kreuzbergs Rock-Indie-Electro-Pop living room. The Equlido (Lido´s new extension) understands the importance and function of a well integrated and accepted life music institution hence why it doesn’t change the main structure or the atmosphere of Lido, rather it replaces the temporary outdoor area with a more functional service and circulation core. This integrates the existing music halls into the new building and strengthens the connection between them. The extension also houses two additional concert venues and therefore combines four unique characters and sound quality for music in one place. Equilido becomes an intimate, multifunctional venue thats also offers the opportunity to organise a festival in which all four venues can be visited at the same time.

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