Torri dell´Acqua Roberta Zucchetti

TORRI DELL´ACQUA It is a research and design project focused on the typology of Watertowers in Northern Italy.
206 of them have been analysed and geolocalized on a map, and were itemized whether operative or inoperative.
According to the existing morphology and historical construction the Watertowers have been divided into three different categories :
Mushrooms, Towers and Stilts.
This project investigates the potential of a reusing program of each of these categories.
Following the context, the local regulations and the social needs, the ex- watertowers have been re-disegned into cultural, sports and hostel structures.
The course of the project has been examined on different architectural scales: from the urban ones, where Watertowers are connected through a network of public activities;
to the social one, in which the new program has a role of activator in the border context; till the detailed one, where the dialogue between the “existing” and the “new” is tested thanks to constructive choice and specific use of materials.

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