+- LIBRARY Gülsah Durmaz, Francesco Grillo

± is a library, a hybrid library, a non-library, a generic object with defined moments and shaped by its surrounding. It is defined by the organization of the space and the movement through it. The system, generated from a strict grid, is made to enhance a sense of wandering and discovery, while establishing enfilades and diagonal movements. This scheme is generic in the sense that the space is flexible and defined by its use, either immutable or ephemeral, supposedly ready to be subverted.

± creates episodic situation, where the space stretches and assumes different quality, light condition, height, acoustic. The subtle complexity in this configuration creates a variety of interaction between spaces; these moments are however not generated by the program, but serve it.

The library functions as a common ground among users and functions, as central core and main horizontal circulation, occasionally alternating the showcasing of books with exhibition area. Specific architectural elements characterize the perception or meaning of the space, while leading the users into it.

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