Dance on top of the tunnel Olga Samsonova, Larissa Preuss

The housing crises has led to city planing focusing on residential densification. Urban Noise aims to generate small and well integrated spaces for cultural production, for they are indicators for a healthy urban fabric and lively neighbourhoods. “Dance on top of the tunnel“ enhances the urban quality of a square without pressure for investment by making its main function – an entrance to the Berlin Underground – the base for the design, program and construction of the new building. Its geometry follows the tunnel of the underground. The subterranean club is on the same level as the underground platforms so that the visitors dance between the two lines and can see the trains passing by. The big hall on the ground floor is multifunctional and can fully open up to its surrounding. The space offers something back to the neighborhood and transforms the square into a place for communication and exchange. A concert space at night and a market during the day.

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