Warp and Weft Tom Jones, Andrew Parry

The Frame of the Loom gives the Warp its tension. This forms a quality for the Weaver to interpret. Decisions of the pattern are dependant on the choice of colour and material composition of the threads woven into the tapestry. What cannot be overlooked is the most important condition that establishes the outcome for the observer. The weaver’s visual and technical competence and choices made during the process render the form.


Post-Structuralism counted the argument of a structuralist notion that form follows function.

Outcomes of events are generally understood as products of equivalence in decision making. Value is given in increments that vary depending on many factors and opinions of the observer / experiencer.

Modern cities exist among uncommon grounds. The weight of human diversity and complexity negate such notions of pure form being interpreted so categorically.

A pluralistic capacity to render a form into a state of equivalence gener- ates an indeterminate capacity for adaption while still maintaining a strong language.


Our site is a choice of several contradictory options for adaptation. Envelopes and structural frameworks follow rational and irrational choices of space allowing a notion of civic pacing between the two newly established“Soft & Hard Gates”, filtering the public into the centre of the Berlinblock; a consolidated relic of WWII allied bombings.

We re-establish the lost or rather cluttered central “Middle Street” framed by the two gates, thus re-activating and offering a notion of post-structural equivalences for the residents and visitors to interpret.

One reaches a crescendo and experiences an envelope of concrete in the geo- ographical centre of the block, a former warehouse left to times entropic arrow; an opportunity to design spaces of experience and calm in amongst a varied civic urban landscape.

The choice of how long to stay and how to experience this space is dictated by the response to the site.


Calm follows interpretation.

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