Mediating Entities Maria Dimitroudi, Hanie Norouzzadeh, Amirhossein Rezaei, Theodoros Tselepidis

We approached the influence of education in the working environment through its potentiality to creat a hybrid condition that is revealed in between working and educating processes. How the role of play, try and error, free and classles interactions, and knowledge transfer can form future working enviroments?
Taking this into consideration the main goal of our proposal is to develop diverse and organic connections and mediations among technical production processes, social processes, and knowledge production processes. Forming this mediator space is our main focal point, and we attempt to experiment on how sequences of collective and secluded qualities can be spatially translated.
We tried to pass these principles in an upcycling research hub that collects plastic waste and produces innovative materials, as well as, through research and collective modes, develop knowledge. We choose to experiment on this program because it lets us seek synergy between praxis and theory, as well as to trigger awareness about the working processes. We attempt to create an open platform where material and immaterial work can interlink organically, where at the same time diverse users by working and interacting, can form social bonds without the need to shred their differences into one homogeneous body.

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