Design Code Jörg Krämer, Jan-Oliver Kunze

This study is an approach to the utilisation of algorithmic techniques within the architectural design process. The computer will not be used as a drawing aid, but as a generative, typological design tool, that considers how people move in space.

The research phase observes and evaluates complex computational systems and their structure emerging abilities in terms of relevance to typological floorplan configurations.

Analytical techniques of the ‘Visibility Graph Analysis’ (Turner et al, 2001) are applied within an evolutionary computing technique (Genetic Algorithm) to create a configurational floorplan generator.

Using this technique recurring patterns of typological configurations emerge and existing architectural floorplan archetypes can be reproduced.

Turner A, Doxa M, O’Sullivan D, Penn A, 2001: “From isovists to visibility graphs: a methodology for the analysis of architectural space”, in Environment and Planning B 28(1), pp 103-121

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