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TU Berlin – Institute for Architecture (IfA)
Application Information Winter Semester 2020/21

Selection process – What does that mean?
As a Master’s program with a limited number of students, applicants are chosen through a selection process. The selection is based on the overall grade obtained in previous studies as well as on the results of a personal interview in connection with additional specific professional competencies acquired outside of an academic institution.

The dates for the personal interviews will be announced around July 30. These dates have to be adhered to without fail! 7 days before your meeting, you will receive an Email with the confirmation of the exact day and time for your individual interview at the TU Berlin. Exceptionally and in cases of major difficulties to travel to Berlin, a skype conversation can be arranged.

IMPORTANT: The number of participants to the selection procedure is limited, which means that you might not be invited to an interview even though all admission requirements are met.

Who can apply?
Condition for admission to M-ARCH-T is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma in the same or close course of studies. Upon receipt of the application, the audit committee shall decide over the professional suitability of the candidates. However, civil engineering, urban planning, landscape architecture and interior design are in no case included in the closely related courses of studies suitable for admission.

How can you apply?
Students of the TU Berlin with a first university degree (bachelor’s degree or architecture diploma) apply directly at student service, office of student affairs, graduate admission. Every application via TU-Berlin must be submitted online.

All others, national and international, please proceed to the official uni-assist website (central German association for admission of international applications) for the application: Every application via uni-assist must be submitted online before the application period expires.

For detailed information on the application process and the specific requirements for the application and each document please visit the official website of TU Berlin. 

When can you apply?
For the beginning of the winter semester, all applications are to be registered by July 31, 2020.

The fees are regulated by the central administration of the TU Berlin. Information about the exact amount of the semester fees can be found only after registration to the program. However, it is around 307€ including public transportation ticket for the city area of Berlin.

Which documents are necessary for the application?

1. Application form
Online application form from uni-assist (candidates with a first university degree not earned at TU Berlin) or direct application for Master Degree TU Berlin (TU students / graduates)

2. Proof of professional first university degree
Legally certified, German or English copy (translated if needed) of a professional university degree (Bachelor, Diploma, Master’s degree, State examination or equivalent), performance records (certificates, duration of study, final grade as well as individual transcript of records and achievement in the different exam modules) or certified copy of the overview of ECTS level, showing courses and grades with a summary of subjects and grades. Click here for more information. And a certificate of exmatriculation from the previous German University or current registration certificate of the present German University.

3. Evidence of language skills
Proof of English language knowledge (Minimum Certificates):

Abitur certificate will be recognized if a CEFR level for English is indicated or the Abitur, Leistungskurs Englisch, is graded with at least 11/15 points

Proof documents are not needed for:
>Citizens of countries with English as official language.
>Applicants with a graduate diploma with English as teaching language.

4. Previous Studies in a Master’s Program
If you already are or were enrolled for an Architecture Master Degree program in an institution for higher education, a change of university or a re-entry is possible, as well as for lateral entrants. In this case the following additional paper documents must be provided before the application deadline. Further information is provided by the student service in the section application for a higher semester.

If applicable, a copy of
>Proof of previous academic achievements in a Master program higher education framework law
>Study and examination regulations of the Master Degree Study
>Description of the previous study module
>Additional relevant proofs of the previous studies

5. Additional documents
Copy of passport (pages with personal data) for international applicants or Copy of Identity Card for German applicants and current tabular overview of school and higher education, additional relevant activities and experience in connection with the studies.

Additional documents to be submitted:
Hand signed letter of motivation (approx. 1 DIN A-4 page). Please briefly explain why you wish to study at the TU Berlin. You can point out and describe special and professional qualifications related to TU Berlin focuses. Further documents certifying specialist qualifications and relevant credentials, internships, vocational training, stays abroad, prizes and distinctions. And work samples from the first degree, 6 to 8 DIN A-4 pages. You can choose up to three design projects documenting your own structural and technical qualifications as well as strong creative and artistic design abilities. Please keep in mind the format requirements A4. A short text included in the 6-8 pages can be helpful.



Please also note that the lecture period for winter term 2020/21 has postponed to November 2, 2020.

For further questions, please contact the team of the M-ARCH-T.

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